Tulsa Childbirth Education


“Birth is not only about making babies. Birth is about making mothers--strong, competent, capable mothers who trust themselves and know their inner strength.” ― Barbara Katz Rothman

How it Works

Step 1: Prep

After your deposit is received ($50) you and your partner will be given an extensive survey (unique to MBM) to complete together.
The information you provide will give your instructor an idea of what kind of base knowledge you have so that your time together can be devoted to filling in the gaps and making sure you are fully informed of your options and choices around your birth experience.
Detailed questions help you begin to develop an idea of what a satisfying birth experience looks AND feels like for you.

Step 2: Game plan

After the survey and questionnaires are completed and submitted, your instructor will follow up with you to make sure she understands your goals for labor and birth and to ask any questions if clarification is needed.
This can be done over the phone, Skype or in-person. This meeting and all subsequent meetings take place at the Mind Body Mama office.
Once everyone is on the same page, she will custom build content to meets your specific needs.
Meetings dates/times are flexible and can accommodate even the most demanding of schedules.

Step 3: Sessions

The balance of $250 is due the day of your first meeting.
A private class series consists of three 3 hour sessions.
Your time together is a guided conversation. Your instructor will not talk AT you. Conversation, visual aids, videos, hands-on practice with positioning and comfort measures and an experienced Certified Birth Doula/ Postpartum Doula/ Certified Lactation Counselor to field questions.
Dress comfortably and come ready to have an open and honest conversation about birth and postpartum with lots of laughs along the way.
NEED MORE? Every couple is different and no 2 sessions are alike. If you find that you were not able to get all of your questions answered, need more clarification or simply have some lingering anxiety about your upcoming birthing day additional session(s) may be scheduled during the instructor's office hours at no additional cost.
more than just labor & birth preparation
The transition from Woman to Mother and Man to Father is one with great opportunity to growth as both individuals and as partners. If a woman enters her birthing time physically, emotionally and spiritually prepared she is better able to step into her new role with powerful confidence in herself, her body and her relationship with her partner. 

Life with your partner experiences its own transition from a family of 2 to 3 (or more!)

It’s necessary to do the work before baby arrives to open up honest communication about what each partner needs from the other in areas of support, love, intimacy and partnership. During the sessions you will discover what both partners believe about birth and parenting in a safe space with the intention of growing into Parenthood together.

At Mind Body Mama, we believe that providing your child with a safe and loving environment to thrive in is the greatest task of being a Parent. Being on the same page as your partner is a beautiful, necessary first step of the process.