Breastfeeding 101


"Breastfeeding is far more than just a way to feed your baby. It's the way you're naturally designed to begin your mothering experience." -The Womanly Art of Breastfeeding

If Breastfeeding is so natural, why do I need to prepare? A look at the top reported reasons why Mothers supplement and/or stop breastfeeding explains:

#1 Unrealistic Expectations

The number one reason breastfeeding women supplement with formula without a medical reason or request formula in the early postpartum is the lack of preparation for what the newborn period would be like.

#2 Lack of Timely Interventions

The fastest drop-off in breastfeeding rates occurs in the first 10 days after hospital discharge.
The most commonly cited reasons are: Not enough milk, Baby won't latch, Breast pain and soreness, Return to work or school.

#3 Lack of Confidence

Women who discontinued breastfeeding at 2 weeks reported feeling a lack of confidence on day 1 or 2.

Be Prepared. Be Confident. Meet Your Breastfeeding Goals.

You and your partner will learn:

How hormones control the making and releasing of breastmilk

Newborn instincts, reflexes and behaviors

How to achieve a "good latch" and why a proper latch it vital to breastfeeding success. 

Common challenges will be addressed along with concrete solutions.

You will become familiar with what to expect in the days, weeks and months following birth.

Pumping- when, why and how

The lost art of hand expression- how to do it and why



Classes are held at the Mind Body Mama office. 

Investment: $45 per couple