Birth & Postpartum Support


Labor, birth and postpartum look different for every woman, but the need for support that’s free from agenda or judgement is universal. This is achieved by the authentic connection we pride ourselves on at Mind Body Mama.

Tulsa's Perinatal Support Specialists

A true connection is cultivated between a woman and her doula when their relationship is valued over any paycheck or business deal. We consider it an honor to be invited into your space and believe this connection is essential to giving you the best experience possible.
Birth Doula
Our doulas inform you of your options and choices with zero agenda. We ask the right questions to help you make your own decisions about your birth. During labor we offer support and encouragement.
Postpartum Doula
Our postpartum doulas know what a great mother you are before you do! We help you and your family adjust to your new normal while keeping your needs and healing a top priority.
Sibling Doula
Ease into your labor and birth knowing your older child(ren) are being expertly cared for.
Lactation Counseling
Breastfeeding eases you into your identity as a mother while you continue to grow your baby. Our Certified Lactation Counselor helps you prepare for a successful breastfeeding journey.

Support At A Glance

Before Baby

You will meet with Your Birth Doula several times before she joins you on your Birthing Day to build connection and learn about what's important to you for your labor and birth.

She will educate you and your partner about options and choices and help you sift through information so that you can make informed decisions about what is best for your growing family. This is also the time when she and your partner will learn how to best work together to ensure that your needs and goals are honored.

She will check in with you after your prenatal appointments and validate your feelings. On call for you from date of hire, she is your unwavering source of support.

Your Postpartum Doula spends time with the expectant family prenatally to build connection, explore and discuss the family’s preferences, priorities, concerns and anxieties regarding the upcoming postpartum period.

Labor & Birth

The unknowns of labor and birth can weigh heavily on your mind.

Was that a contraction? What is a mucus plug again? Am I in labor?

Your Birth Doula normalizes your experience and talks you through the process. A constant calm, experienced and confident presence.

As you shift into the flow of labor your mind is is at ease knowing that your other child(ren) are in the safe, loving care of your Sibling Doula.

Your Birth Doula is with you. Encouraging you to follow your body's lead, helping you to tune into it's wisdom and surrender. Hip squeezes, massage and counter pressure. Position changes and lunges. Facilitating efficient use of your movements and energy while holding the space for you and your partner to connect.

After Birth - 4th Trimester

You Birth Doula assists with the beginnings of your breastfeeding journey and leaves you in oxytocin afterglow.

You want to make sure you are off to a good start with breastfeeding so you have your CLC come to you the next day for an in-person consult. She guides and supports you with positioning and explains how to make sure baby gets a good latch and why it's important. She stays with you while you attach and reattach your baby, each time your confidence growing as she points out the sounds of soft gulps.

Your Postpartum Doula anxiously awaits her first shift with your family. You have so many questions and her presence gives you the courage to step into your new role knowing she has your back with up to date, evidence based information. Your parenting style is her parenting style. She manages the ins and outs of your household while creating a calm and safe environment for you to heal and bond with your new family member.

She is by your side filling the silence of overnight feedings and keeping loneliness at bay. You are able to practice breastfeeding as she keeps up the family laundry and prepares a healthy snack. She points out your baby's subtle communication and shares her never-fail burping technique.
Your Birth Doula comes to your home for your postpartum follow up the week after birth.
You sit together and reminisce about your birth experience. You still can't believe it's real.