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"Thank you, for giving me the education and encouragement I needed to practice the innate art of nursing. It might seem simple for some, but after a failed nursing attempt with my first these moments are all the more cherished. I never knew nursing could be such a beautiful, life giving (to both involved) experience." Jasmine P.

Lactation Counseling
Is breastfeeding painful or uncomfortable? Not sure if baby is getting enough? Thought things were going well and caught off guard with your care provider's comments about slow weight gain? Confused by all the conflicting information being thrown at you from your Mom/Mother-In-Law/Grandmother/Friends/a meme that keeps popping on on your FaceBook feed?

I come to you! l meet you at either your home or birthing location and offer hands-on support.
Lactation Counseling Follow-Up
You feel like you're making progress but something still isn't quite right.

You've got feeding cues and positioning down but need a little more help with latch.

Or the first session together was a starting point and more time is needed to dig deeper into your challenges and flesh out a plan that works for you, your baby, and your lifestyle.

Lactation Counseling

First, we will chat on the phone about what's going on and I'll collect some information from you. In most cases, I can see you the same day. If this can not be achieved I will help you troubleshoot and offer suggestions to get you by until I am able to see you, typically within 24 hours.

You will be emailed an electronic intake-questionnaire. Complete this before our visit so that our time together can be focused on education & support, not paperwork.

During your lactation consult I will:

Take a pre & post feed weight (if desired) to get an idea of milk transfer.

Observe a feeding at the breast. Evaluate and assess latch, positioning and baby's suck/swallow/breathe pattern. I will offer suggestions for deeper attachment and positioning while educating you on how to interpret baby's behavior at the breast.

Together, we will create a personalized care plan based on your unique circumstances & goals while remaining realistic and focusing on what's doable for you physically and emotionally.

The evening of our visit I will email you a rundown of what we discussed, lay out the agreed-upon care plan, and provide links, article and/or videos that relate to your situation. You're tired-- there is no way I expect you to remember every detail from our time together!

I will follow up with you the next day to check in on what's working and what's not and help troubleshoot over the phone.
Investment is $75 for up to 90 minutes

Lactation Counseling Follow-Up

Have we already done work together but you're still not where you want to be? Have more/new questions? Need a check in to put anxieties to rest?

First, we will chat on the phone so that I can ask questions and get an idea of what worked, what hasn't worked or isn't compatible with your lifestyle, and what goals/needs have not been met.

We will set a time for me to come back so I can do another assessment of baby at the breast. This can include another pre/post feed weight if requested.
After I evaluate and assess latch, positioning and baby's suck/swallow/breathe pattern we can discuss areas that could benefit from more practice or if all seems to be going well but other issues are still present (pain or slow weight gain for example) we can then work together to uncover potential underlying issues. If your situation is outside my scope, I am equipped with trusted referrals to medical professionals who can help.

Investment is $60 for up to 75 minutes


Meet your lactation specialist

Amy Walton, CLC