Jessi Lane

Postpartum Doula, Siblings Doula, Siblings Class Instructor

About Me

I'm a Mom and a Wife, but I'm also an Advocate for all women. I enjoy road trips with my partner and attending live concerts. I love jam bands, grunge, and 90's gangsta rap. I'm a total foodie and love to dine out as well as bake in my kitchen. I enjoy yoga and sunshine and the grass between my toes. I am a member of the Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma. I was raised in Tulsa and attended Memorial High School with an emphasis in stage choirs. I pursued a Mass Communications degree from Virginia Commonwealth University by way of Washington D.C., where I attended Montgomery College and was a published student staff writer for the Montgomery Advocate. I love to write and edit.

My Why

I have three boys, Avery, Jacob, and Harrison. Each was born via Cesarean at Hilcrest Main. Without a large support system, I learned what I needed to do to survive post surgery on my own, by trial and error and by research. The discovery of ICAN of Tulsa and introduction to chapter leaders during my third pregnancy opened my mind to so many possibilities, making me aware that my final cesarean birth was still in my control. While planning for this last baby I learned all I could. My partner and I adopted an Attachment Parenting lifestyle. Birth work became a natural interest and consequent passion of mine. I knew I wanted to serve women in their most vulnerable but empowering time.

Why I'm Unique

I'm a C3 Mom! I practice natural child-led weaning in my home, strictly cloth diapered for 3 years, and babywear fluidly. I also care for the children of Tulsa's premier doulas and certified lactation consultants.


I am wrapping up my certification with DONA International, leader in evidence-based doula training, certification and continuing education, worldwide. I am a professional member of ICAN, International Cesarean Awareness, of Tulsa. I am a member of The Oklahoma Healthy Birth Alliance. I am a Great Siblings instructor.


I love working with ALL kinds of families. My experience and specialties include, but are not limited to cesarean births, (multiple) siblings, multiples, high needs/special needs, postpartum and anxiety disorders, dietary restrictions, breast and bottle feeding, cloth diapering, families of intact boys, single parents, and first time parents.

Postpartum Doula, Jessi Plucknett Lane, aka "The Baby Whisperer" in action!

Posted by Better Birth Now, LLC on Wednesday, January 18, 2017

What Working With Me Looks Like

I will arrive on time for our postpartum visits with 2 bags, my DONA doula bag and my siblings bag. My doula bag includes things like a warming rice sock, a ring sling, my DONA manual and my notebook filled with all of the wonderful doula hacks I have to share with you.

My siblings bag contains age appropriate toys, games, books, and activities based on information I gathered during our prenatal meeting. The contents of this bag will change from day to day. This gives siblings something to look forward to that is just for them and provides a distraction when you find they (you) may want one throughout the day.

As your postpartum doula, my sibling care is also included. I am a Great Siblings instructor and take great pride in the attention and delicate care I am able to provide all of your children while I am in your home, if this is a need you have. This looks like preparing their favorite meals, reading them a book, playing a game with them, taking them outside, helping with bathroom needs where applicable and bedtime routines, all while incorporating new brother or sister into the mix. Mom will rest, heal, and absorb her new baby while I handle the household. This allows partners the invaluable time to get to know baby, as well as give big brother or sister the one on one time they require.

I am mindful of your healing and emotional cues during your 4th trimester. I am a friend to talk to and an insured and trained resource for current, research-based information and local professional contacts. I prepare and serve snacks, follow you around with water, and fill in the domestic gaps while you heal. This often looks like conquering (and putting away) the piles of laundry, running the dishwasher, changing the linens, or vacuuming the carpets, all while wearing new babe so mom can take a much-needed shower. Maybe you'd like to sleep? I listen for babe's queues and help with breast and bottle-feeding, cloth and disposable diapering, and practical babywearing.

My care is not limited to your human babies! Any fur babies you may have in your home will also have their needs met with daily feeding, walking, and touch. My services are available day, overnight, and weekends.

When I am your postpartum doula, ideally we will meet prenatally to discuss your family's specific needs- your schedules, habits, and likes/dislikes. I will learn how your home operates and we will set a schedule, if possible.
I like to consider myself your 4th trimester Sherpa. We know that a Sherpa is an experienced guide hired to provide support for mountain climbers and Trekkers. They can not go over the mountain for you, but they can assist you and guide you along your way. The fourth trimester is a delicate time for Mom, first time or not, and your doula will be there to mother the mother so that she can absorb her baby. I'd like to be your 4th trimester Sherpa. This came to mind during my DONA workshop this year, as I was transitioning from my Momself to my Doulaself. I knew I wanted to serve women in their most vulnerable but empowering time. I want to assist and encourage them and in doing so lift these mothers up to show them that they CAN do it! They did it and they can continue to. I'm just there to provide fact-based information to her questions and offer resources. I'm there to help with infant care and care for Mom by way of nutrition and supportive conversation and at the end of the day her floors are clean and her laundry done. Mom is supported and reassured and should any questions arise while I'm not there, I am always a quick text or email away. I'm so excited to be your 4th trimester Sherpa.
Sibling Doula
If you find you are a family in the Tulsa Metro area who needs sibling care they can trust during your new babe's delivery, I provide this service as well.
Siblings Class
Great Siblings course provides young children, ages 2 to 6, with a fun, interactive introduction to being an older sibling! Using our weighted, life-like doll, this 45 minute course covers how to handle and interact with baby, feeding and changing baby, -which can be customized to represent your family's model- and baby's growth through one year. There is even a fun graduation ceremony for your Great Sibling! Classes are held in-office, with reservation, at $15 per student. Just contact us to book a date that works for you! In-home classes are available by request and require a mileage fee. New postpartum clients booking a package with Jessi Lane, Postpartum Doula, will receive the Great Siblings course in-home free of charge; for a limited time only.
Postpartum & Sibling Doula Care is $30 p/hr.
Every person deserves premier postpartum care during their fourth trimester. If you live in the city of Tulsa and find my fee cannot fit your budget please contact us to discuss your options. Availability is limited. Must be able to show current documentation of financial hardship.


Jessi Lane helped me as a postpartum doula during some challenging weeks of our twins' early days. She steps right in with a great attitude and helps where needed--even if you don't yet realize it.
Jessi was so intuitive with entertaining my three-year-old still-adjusting new big brother and my twin infants. She wore one baby around the house while working from room to room helping with laundry, clothing organization, bedding, etc. so I could have a few moments to myself. Jessi fed us and fed the babies bottles or would bring them to me as needed.
She was a calm presence, great with kids and babies, as well as a knowledgable helping hand when I felt like I was drowning; I'm so grateful she was available to help us out and my 3-year-old still asks for her :)

Colleen, D

Jessi is an amazing postpartum doula. She notices all the littles things that need attention (whether I had a fresh drink in reach, when the paper towels needed restocked, when the kitchen needed swept); while simultaneously sweetly engaging my big kids and helping me relax so I could truly rest. The kind of rest you get when you don't have to explain to your husband which "blue sippy" cup your toddler is crying for. I was able to nap, knowing that my baby was happy and would be brought to me when she was hungry. When I woke up, my house was tidy and my laundry was put away. She even went with me to my salon appointment so I could breastfeed my daughter there instead of pumping milk ahead of time. Jessi is maternal and instinctive; having her by your side is invaluable.

Jade, P.

I had no idea what to expect with a postpartum doula, and was apprehensive that my home was too dirty and that I was mothering wrong. Jessi put me so at ease with her servant's heart and kind, supportive encouragement.
She walked through my door and, as I was currently talking with a lactation consultant, went straight to my kitchen and started doing dishes and cleaning. She cleaned, did laundry, picked up groceries, and gave me invaluable help and advice about the most varied topics, from the cloth diapers I had bought but had no idea how to use, to baby wearing, to postpartum emotions. She Did whatever I needed done so that I could rest, shower (!), and enjoy my baby. She is a godsend and I highly recommend her to every momma!

Ali, B