About Us

Tulsa Metro Perinatal Education & Support Specialists

Our mission is to support all women throughout their unique journey into Motherhood. Birth is only one part of that messy, beautiful equation.

Mind Body Mama
There’s a poignant opportunity for an emotional, physical, and spiritual transformation at a woman’s core as she transitions into motherhood. Whether this is your first baby or your sixth, each experience of becoming a mom can be distinctive and powerful.
We pride ourselves on authentic connections with women and treat being invited into her prenatal, birth, and postpartum spaces as a true honor. We know this is one of the most important moments of your life and we will treat it with the respect it deserves.

Why Choose Us?

The MBM Agency Advantage

Our doulas are professionally trained, insured and all commit to upholding the Policies, Procedures, and Code of Ethics set forth by our agency's Certifying Organization, DONA International.

The set of experiences and skills that each Doula offers to the women and families she serves is unique. However, every doula commits to guaranteeing the same foundation of support. This means that you are free to choose the doula that you feel most comfortable with and has the experience and skills that meet your needs without having to compromise on support.

At Mind Body Mama, we are a doula family. We meet monthly for continuing education, collaboration, and to give and get support. We also act as back-ups for one another. In the unlikely event that your doula is not available (hasn't happened yet!), you can rest easy knowing that you will be in excellent hands with any of our doulas.

Authentic Connections

We don't "get clients". We build relationships.

Birth work is about relationships. It is impossible for a new or birthing mother to feel comfortable with a doula she has spent a few hours with at a coffee shop when paperwork and a check was signed.

We take the time to get to know you prenatally and don't charge for building connection!

Individualized Support

No two women labor, birth or parent in the same way. So, why would we education or support them in the same way?

We use several tools to get to the heart of what brought you to us.

How can we help you prepare for your birth? What questions do you have about postpartum healing? What did you see on Grey's Anatomy that you're secretly wondering if it could really happen in labor?

Full Spectrum Care

It's hard enough finding a care provider you trust, we want to make stocking your support team effortless.

From pregnancy, labor, birth, breastfeeding, postpartum, and parenting-- you don't have to seek out several different sources of education, information, and support. We have it all!

We Are Old Doula Souls

We are thrilled that more and more people are becoming familiar with doulas. However, as birth work has grown in popularity it has started to shift away from its roots.

We are old doula souls. The fan girls of Ina May Gaskin.
We proudly offer unlimited support during your labor and birth with no 'overage' per/hour charges.
You will always have ONE doula. We don't work in pairs. We believe that the Mama - Doula connection is personal and should not be shared. Your chosen doula is on-call for you the moment you hire her.

Private Office

Meeting someone new for the first time is always a bit awkward. You don't want to have to find a place to park, get inside and scan a Starbucks for someone who looks like their profile picture on top of it.

We have a private, cozy office for consults and individual classes. We also have a large conference room for group classes.

Besides, you can only say "vagina" so many times before other coffee drinkers start to stare.

Our Office

Who Do We Serve?
Mind Body Mama is deeply committed to supporting ALL family dynamics. We believe that every human being is worthy of love, respect, opportunity, and support. Details like age, ethnicity, ability/disability, gender identity, sexual orientation, sex, ethnicity, race, national origin, political persuasion, marital status, religious and non-religious preferences, socioeconomic status, silky or crunchy, Sooner or Cowboy are just some of the components that make us unique individuals. No one more preferred over another.

We commit to intentionally and regularly evaluate our efforts of inclusion and diversity, both as individuals and as an agency, to ensure that we all continue to practice recognizing and countering bias, privilege and oppression.

We welcome you, details and all.
Where & What Do We Serve?
Northeast Oklahoma / Greater Tulsa Metro Area (Each doula has her own preferred service area)

Mind Body Mama supports ALL birth and parenting choices including Hospital Birth, Home Birth, Birth Center Birth, Care of Midwives and Obstetricians, Lamaze, Bradley Method, HypnoBabies, HypnoBirthing, Birthing from Within, Mindful Birthing, Inductions, Unmedicated Birth, Low Intervention Birth, Epidural, Medicated, Cesarean Birth, VBAC, Repeat Cesarean, Multiples, Breastfeeding, Bottle feeding, SNS and Combination feeding, Formula feeding, Attachment Parenting, YOUR Parenting Style, Co-sleeping, Bed-sharing, Crib sleeping... and anything in between.